We know they're out there, but we don't know why they come or where they come from.


There are secrets of the night that we may never know the truth about. UFO sightings from NASA to your neighbor to a major airline pilot it remains a hush hush topic.

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From the beginning of time as we know it there have been thousands of ancient paintings reflecting early space travelers. Then we have buildings seemingly done by mere mortal but no one really knows how they got there. Airline landing strips around the world and long before flight was known by man. 

From my own memory I was always fascinated by the thought we aren't alone. And I remember hearing from a relative of mine that he saw a UFO one day as him and a buddy were fishing in Michigan. He's one of those "prove it to me" kind of people. He doesn't believe there's a god. He's waiting until he's standing in front of him. I tend to believe his story about his fishing trip. He has talked about this twice in his lifetime. He went off with his buddy and they got settled on the shore of their favorite fishing spot. They were talking and laughing until they both stopped talking and looked up at the exact spot. 



As they both focused upward they saw a aluminum looking "flying saucer". The only sound coming from it was described as a vacuum cleaner noise. No wind, no heat, nothing out of the ordinary. Well, except for the strange thing above them. He said he couldn't take his eyes off even as he said he was scared, but not scared all at the same time.

I have two experiences with sightings. Once as a young boy a group of us stopped playing football to witness a 'quiet airplane' go over head. This made the news and was written off as a weather balloon. Well, we all knew better. Then, in the late 80's I was walking to my car with a friend and his son. As we all got to the car, again...each of us looked way high in the sky and witnessed what looked like three lights zigzagging through the sky.  Notice a common factor? How about each sighting everyone close looked at the exact spot in the sky at the same time?